luxury bundles...

Initially a private blend concepted by Eric Piras, these cigars were reserved to friends and family, their secret of excellent quality and reasonable price whispered by those in the know. 

In response to the enthusiasm of these aficionados, the cigars are now available under the aptly-named brand: CONFIDENCIAAL

the name...

What does ‘Confidenciaal’ mean? 
It’s a play on ‘confidential’ (= secret) in Spanish, and ‘graal’, which means the ‘Holy Grail’ in French. 
Legends say that the Holy Grail looks like a cup and has the power to heal all wounds, deliver eternal youth and grant everlasting happiness. 


Packaging is kept to a chic minimum, with environment in mind... and to enjoy them daily with relish and no guilt.

the range...

Seven different sizes, all available in luxury bundles of 25 cigars.

The blend is a well-kept secret, passionate selection of the best ‘New World’ aged tobaccos and silky wrappers, combined with flawless construction and perfect draw... 

Confidenciaal cigars show medium to full body and reveal complex and refined aromas. They are destined to beginners and seasoned aficionadas & aficionados who like their cigars filled with flavours and balanced strength. 

Fiftytwo, Fiftyfour, Fiftysix and Fiftyseven are rolled with a pigtail, while Lancero, Cañonazo & Churchill boast a classic head. 

the cigars...


Size: Ø52 x 150mm

Head: Classic

Quantity: 25 cigars per bundle

A timeless classic of medium strength, presenting aromas of cashew nuts followed by wood and almonds, ending with dark chocolate. The epitome of a tantalising smoke.
Confidenciaal is distributed by:
Cigraal Ltd
6th Floor, Union Park Tower, 168 Electric road, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3955 8516 . Mobile: +852 9035 5993 . Email:
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